Saul Bellow

He conceded on a piece of paper, I cannot justify. Considering his entire life, he realised that he had mismanaged everything — everything.

A man is born to be orphaned, and to leave oprhans after him, but a chair like that chair, if he can afford it, is a great comfort.

These things either matter or they do not matter. It depends upon the universe, what it is. These acute memories are probably symptoms of disorder. To him, perpetual thought of death was a sin. Drive your cart and your plow over the bones of the dead.

"Yes, I was stupid — a blockhead. But that was one of the problems I was working on, you see, that people can be free now but the freedom doesn't have any content. It's like a howling emptiness.

Dear Doktor Professor Heidegger, I should like to know what you mean by the expression "the fall into the quotidian." When did this occur? Where were we standing when it happened?

Ours is a bourgeois civilization. I am not using this term in its Marxian sense. Chicken! In the vocabularies of modern art and religion it is bourgeois to consider that the universe was made for our safe use and to give us comfort, ease, and support. Light travels at a quarter of a million miles per second so that we can see to comb our hair or to read in the paper that ham hocks are cheaper than yesterday.