Lacci cover


Domenico Starnone

1 fragments
Atlante occidentale cover

Atlante occidentale

Daniele Del Giudice

12 fragments
La figlia del capitano cover

La figlia del capitano

Alexander Pushkin

Il Gattopardo cover

Il Gattopardo

Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

5 fragments
Three Poems cover

Three Poems

Hannah Sullivan

Oblomov cover


Ivan Goncarov

11 fragments
Il posto cover

Il posto

Annie Ernaux

5 fragments
Weather cover


Jenny Offill

8 fragments
Poesie: 1974-1992 cover

Poesie: 1974-1992

Patrizia Cavalli

La straniera cover

La straniera

Claudia Durastanti

8 fragments
Three women cover

Three women

Lisa Taddeo

2 fragments
Cento poesie d'amore a Ladyhawke cover

Cento poesie d'amore a Ladyhawke

Michele Mari

You know you want this cover

You know you want this

Kristen Roupenian

The Queue cover

The Queue

Vladimir Sorokin

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness cover

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness

Richard Yates

La grande russia portatile cover

La grande russia portatile

Paolo Nori

The Years cover

The Years

Annie Ernaux

6 fragments
Outline cover


Rachel Cusk

7 fragments
Compass cover


Mathias Enard

5 fragments
Inconsistencies cover


Marcus Steinweg

9 fragments
Spurious cover


Lars Iyer

3 fragments
Bassa risoluzione cover

Bassa risoluzione

Massimo Mantellini

5 fragments
Autumnn cover


Ali Smith

4 fragments
Goethe Dies cover

Goethe Dies

Thomas Bernhard

3 fragments
The Antidote cover

The Antidote

Oliver Burkeman

11 fragments
Disastri cover


Daniil Charms

5 fragments
Americanah cover


Chimamanda Adichie

7 fragments
10:04 cover


Ben Lerner

5 fragments
Sapiens cover


Yuval Noah Harari

6 fragments
What I Loved cover

What I Loved

Siri Hustvedt

6 fragments
Pond cover


Claire Louise Bennett

3 fragments
The Idiot cover

The Idiot

Elif Batuman

2 fragments
Dogma cover


Lars Iyer

4 fragments
Purity cover


Johnathan Franzen

4 fragments
Tenth of December cover

Tenth of December

George Saunders

3 fragments